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Tool change.

Useful in machines with automatic tool changers, though this code can also be used with manual tool changers to specify changes to cutting tools and differing tool offsets. With machines equipped with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) the M06 command will often be tied to a macro within your CNC control software that will execute automatic changing of the tool.

Standard Format:
M06 T00

The T-command following the M06 command is to identify the tool you are changing to. The tool information is typically kept in a database inside your CNC control software. It is recommended that immediately after a M06 command, you enter the corresponding G43 that sets the new tool's z-offset.


In this example, the tool will be changed to Tool #5. The G43 tool offset code will be called immediately afterward to adjust for the difference in tool length from the z-offset.

M06 T5
G43 H5

As another example, this tool will be changed to Tool #2.

M06 T2
G43 H2