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The Tool Offset G-Code, also known as G43 is used to retrieve stored tool length offsets that can be utilized during an Automatic Tool Change ATC operation using the M-Command M06. This command allows for changing the tool without having to re-zero the Z-offset.

Standard Format:
G43 H00

Here the number after the H represents the desired tool number. H0 is a valid tool number. To clear the command and set a zero value offset, the number 0 can be used in place of the H-command.

Code Examples

In this example, Tool #5 will have its offset selected.

G43 H5

As a follow up example, Tool #2 will have its offset selected.

G43 H2

To clear all offsets and use zero offset, the following command is useful.

G43 0

An alternative to clearing the tool offset is to use the G49 command to clear the offset.