Grbl Breakout Board

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Grbl Breakout Board
Grbl Breakout Board.jpg
Grbl Breakout Board
Status In Development
Manufacterer A Quick CNC
Version 1.0.0
Designer AJ Quick
License CC BY-SA 3.0

The Grbl Breakout Board is an easy to use Arduino Shield that connects an Arduino UNO (or similar) device to a Unipolar Motor Driver or DIY CNC Controller.


  • Easily connect up to four Unipolar Motor Driver boards to one Arduino running Grbl.
  • Standard port configuration for Grbl running on an Arduino UNO.
  • Optional 4th Axis enable through jumpers (requires change to configuration file).
  • IDC26 connector to connect directly with DIY CNC Controller.
  • Four onboard buttons for Start, Feed Hold (Pause), Abort and Reset.
  • Screw terminals for connecting limit switches and E-stop, as well as Coolant enable and Spindle control. (Spindle control not available when using 4th axis).

Board Layout

The board is the same size as an Arduino UNO (or similar board).

Grbl Breakout Board Layout.jpg


Grbl Breakout Board Schematic.png

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Line # Quantity Part Code Digikey Description
1 1 X1 ED10526-ND IDC26 Ribbon Cable Connector
2 1 X2 ED2613-ND 6 Position Terminal Block
3 1 X3 ED2609-ND 2 Position Terminal Block
4 4 RESET, START, PAUSE, ABORT 679-2428-ND Touch Switch
5 1 RN1 4606X-1-103LF-ND 10 Kohm 6-SIP Resistor Network
6 4 X-AXIS, Y-AXIS, Z-AXIS, A-AXIS 455-1706-ND JST Connector
7 1 A-ENABLE Jumper 2x2
8 1 EN/+5V Jumper 1x3

Gerber Files

Gerber files are a universal file type that are commonly used by PCB board manufacturers. These files can be sent directly to a PCB manufacturer to have boards produced.

Eagle Files

Eagle is a very popular PCB design tool created by CadSoft, free and hobbyist licenses are available in addition to professional and commercial licenses.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.