SmoothStepper USB

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SmoothStepper USB
SmoothStepper USB.jpg
SmoothStepper USB
Status In Production
Manufacturer Warp9 Tech Design
MSRP $155.00

See the SmoothStepper USB Manual.


Feature Value
PC Interface USB
  • Parallel Port #1: 12 Outputs, 5 Inputs
  • Parallel Port #2: 4 Dedicated Outputs, 5 Inputs, and 8 block assignable as input or output
  • Parallel Port #3: 3 Differential inputs and 3 single-ended inputs
Current Drive Output All output pins have a drive of +/- 32 mA
Pulse Output Speed Up to 4 MHz, Step and Direction, Quadrature
Motor Control Capability Up to 6 Motors + Spindle (PWM or Step and Direction)
Encoders / MPG Up to 5
Configurable Input Types Classes: Limits, home, probe, E-Stop, Jog, Encoders/MPGs
Advanced Features
  • Threading for lathes (single pulse per rev for timing)
  • M10/M11 support for lasers/ water jets
  • Backlash Compensation
Power Source USB Cable or External 5V Power Supply
Software Plugin Mach3
Operating System Windows XP - Windows 8