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For machines with a software controlled spindle, this code represents Spindle Stop also known as M-Command M05. For safety reasons, you should always include this M-command as the second to last line of your program, right before the M02 end of program command. The M05 command is often linked and included with the M02 command, but it is good practice to have the spindle stop command regardless of having a machine with a computer controlled spindle.

If using the M05 stop command in the middle of a program, it is important to include a G04 dwell command to allow time for the spindle to come to a stop before continuing with the next operation. Be very careful to remember to include a M03 or M04 spindle start command prior to attempting to machine!

Standard Format:

There are no additional parameters.

Code Examples

In this example, the spindle will be stopped and then the program will come to an end.


In this example, a spindle will be stopped, allowed to turn off for 5 seconds and then be restarted.

G04 P5.000