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Geckodrive Logo.jpg
Location Tustin, CA
Founded 2000

Geckodrive, Inc. was established in 2000 as a manufacturer of high quality, original motor control designs made in the United States. Beginning with the G201 Microstep Drive, Geckodrive set itself apart from competitor’s products by offering a drive with the same amount of power at a lower cost. Following the G201 came the G320 Brush DC Servo Drive, Geckodrive’s first servo product.

Geckodrive uses vertical integration in which all aspects of the design and manufacturing process are kept in-house. This centralization allows us to keep costs (and therefore prices) as low as possible, all the while allowing us to maintain a high level of quality control and involvement in the manufacturing of all of our products from beginning to end.

Geckodrive places emphasis on customer satisfaction and support. We have made it our goal to offer free US-based technical support for all of our products. Whether a customer has an application or a motor control question, we have the staff on hand to help you.

We strive to make our products one step ahead of our competition through continual design innovation. In 2008, we released our low-power stepper controls, the G251, G250 and G540 4-Axis Step Motor System that have quickly become best-sellers and allowed us to bring high quality motor controls to smaller motor applications. [1]


  • GM215 Step Motor / Motion Controller
  • G540 4-Axis Digital Step Drive
  • G203V Digital Step Drive
  • G201X Digital Step Drive
  • G251X Digital Step Drive
  • G250X Digital Step Drive
  • G213V Digital Step Drive
  • G210X Digital Step Drive
  • G320X Digital Servo Drive
  • G201 Stepper Drive
  • G202 Stepper Drive
  • G210 Stepper Drive
  • G212 Stepper Drive
  • G320 Servo Drive
  • G340 Servo Drive