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The SLA7070M series motor driver ICs feature unipolar drivers. The clock-in type input interface allows simplified control logic, and options for built-in sense current detection and load circuit short or open protection (patent pending) provide lower loss, and lower thermal resistance. All products in the SLA7070M series are pin-compatible, supporting rapid design of application variants. The built-in excitation distribution circuit (sequencer) allows motor control using only the CLOCK signal for simple operations (rotate/stop), with motor speed control by frequency input into CLOCK pin. This eliminates logic signal lines required for conventional phase-input methods, and reduces demand on heavily-used CPUs.[1]

Features & Benefits

  • Power supply voltages, VBB: 46 V(max.), 10 to 44 V normal operating range
  • Logic supply voltages, VDD: 3.0 to 5.5 V
  • Maximum output currents: 1 A, 1.5 A, 2 A, 3 A
  • Built-in sequencer
  • Simplified clock-in stepping control
  • Both full/half-stepping (SLA7070M to SLA7073M) and microstepping (SLA7075M to SLA7078M)
  • Built-in sense resistor, RSInt
  • All variants are pin-compatible for enhanced design flexibility
  • ZIP type 23-pin molded package (SLA package)
  • Self-excitation PWM current control with fixed off-time
  • Built-in synchronous rectifying circuit reduces losses at PWM off
  • Synchronous PWM chopping function prevents motor noise in Hold mode
  • Sleep mode for reducing the IC input current in stand-by state
  • Built-in protection circuitry against motor coil opens/shorts option available

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