Modular Motor Driver Connector

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We are using the Modular Motor Driver Connector for all of our connections between motor drivers and breakout boards and motion controllers. It is based off of a IDC10 connector, and interconnection wires can be made cheaply and easily from flat ribbon cable wire. The pin layout has been in use since 2005 and is backwards compatible with controllers from Planet CNC, PoLabs and other vendors.


Modular Motor Driver Connector Pinout
Pin Purpose
1 Enable
2 Ground
3 Direction
4 Ground
5 Step
6 Ground
7 Error / Alert
8 Ground
9 +5VDC
10 Ground


A signal level of ground would be considered enabled, active high (3.3v - 5v) is considered disabled. This signal is 'Inverted'.


Standard parallel signal. TTL or CMOS signal levels.


Standard parallel signal. TTL or CMOS signal levels.

Error / Alert

There is an error or alert pin that can be active high when the motor driver is experiencing problems. On systems that are equipped, the fault can be sent back to the controller and the machine can stop before resuming. On systems where there is no fault / error detection, this pin should be connected to ground. A signal low (ground) is considered safe. Active high (3.3v - 5v) should be considered as an active fault. On controllers that do not handle fault / error signals, this pin should be left NC (not connected).

+5 VDC

If a central power supply is being used for +5VDC it can be supplied over this line. Each driver and controller board will have a jumper that will enable / deactivate this supply rail in case a different +5v source is being used.